This Friday we will be running a Friday Party at the church!

We've had to think hard about how best to do things. It is, of course, impossible to eliminate all risk but we think that the following plan represents a way of managing the risks and overcoming the obstacles that have prevented us from getting together for so long

Set up should take place during the afternoon and should involve a couple of people. Hand gel will be available at both entrances to the building and at any activity tables. We will have a register to sign people in and out so that we know who is there.


Bring your own picnic but crisps/cakes available too with some being put on each table to minimize collection point crowding

Tea/coffee can be handed out on trays by a ‘waiter’ wearing a mask (otherwise the use of masks is at the individual’s discretion within government guidelines) - cold drinks made in jugs and served on request but also parents can encourage children to bring their own drinking bottle for the evening to be filled

Tables will be set up in a wide horseshoe formation so that people can still face each other across the room when eating (families and household groups can use the inside of the horseshoe)

Activities and Games

We will have to be a little more controlling about which parts of the building are being used by whom and at what time. We anticipate that young and old will understand why.

Windows can be opened in the Newell Room and in the upstairs schoolroom for keep fit and for non-contact games

Depending on numbers and space available, craft could be set up on a large square table either in the church or the schoolroom, where practical with pre-packaged craft packs or with materials that can be only handled by one set of hands.


After the evening activities end at 7:45 it will be cleaning time. Everyone will be encouraged to take part in cleaning but in separated groups and under supervision to avoid unnecessary contact. Attention will be paid to light switches, door handles and other common contact points. Cleaners encouraged to wear gloves.

Tables and chairs cleaned before packing away

Washing up and cleaning kitchen

Toilets cleaned/checked

At end - everything checked/final wipe over

It is not anticipated that numbers will be very high during the first few weeks which would give us time to assess how the system is working. If higher than anticipated numbers are attending, we should use our discretion and spread out into unused parts of the building, remembering to cover our tracks afterwards with cleaning.