Leviticus 18

Read all the ‘why nots’

Sexual relationship belongs inside a matrix of other relationships

First and last a relationship with God

Including relationship with the environment

Cannot be whole people if we sacrifice one relationship to get what we want in another


Our world has conflicting goals: sexual liberty and sustainable living

18 billion people ‘living in their own truth’? Unsustainable. [Lev 18:28]


Romans 1:18-32

Gay Pride marchers versus Hate-speech from the church?

Too often, the only choices

Rooted in idolatry [Ro 1:18-23]

God’s punishment is His permission [Ro 1:24ff]

Marchers and hecklers both belong to the permissive society [v29]


Romans 2

vv1-16 Knowing better doesn’t make you better

vv17-29 Only one way to live in the matrix without pulling it out of shape

...by the Spirit [vs28-29]