Faith making history


Faith is active: that creates a history

[James 2:14-26]

Active faith or sleeping faith?

Trust > Actions > Change in relationship

Change for better or for worse?

Depends how we see the history


Boasting or praise?

Romans 4:1-5:11

Is it about me or God? [4:1-3]

What did Peter learn in this?

(Christian biographies: are they really helpful?)


Who’s the big achiever?

Was it Abraham or God?

What do [vs4-15 teach us about Abraham/about God?]

What was circumcision all about then? [v11]


What are the implications for others?


If He can do this with me...anybody!


If I ‘succeeded,’ all have to be like me!

Fighting to protect our investment [Galatians 5:15,26]


What real faith does

Overrides sight [v18]

Believes and so becomes

Faces facts head on [v19]

Draws its strength from God [20ff]

[5:1-11] faith responding to history


Now read: John 4:31-34

Matthew 7:15-23

Peter's story