We're learning to be leaders and it's a challenging thing. Here's a series of 5 minute reflections on what kind of leadership God's people need. Watch them if God's calling you to be a leader or if you need help trying to recognise who God is calling to be leaders right now at Mill Road.

Overseers https://youtu.be/8znxd_bvLw0

Aspiring https://youtu.be/oV26-3PTXrU

Above reproach https://youtu.be/jv-ess9u80Y

Faithful https://youtu.be/gWjczMVeRFk

Temperate https://youtu.be/6BosqG04nUA

Self-controlled https://youtu.be/ooWitnEv85k

Respectable https://youtu.be/15Rb5-k2fu0

Hospitable https://youtu.be/iM0hhhQCehY

Able to teach https://youtu.be/uIsSs_w5cxQ

Not given to drunkenness https://youtu.be/JA431luNm88

Not violent https://youtu.be/kbYz6InTteE

Not quarrelsome https://youtu.be/M5SlKKLLVVM

Not a lover of money https://youtu.be/QNGIr4hO36I

Family https://youtu.be/-kiwaCZ4ioY

Not conceited https://youtu.be/qLV1Qk0kp_o