One glance has already told you, this website is not the work of a professional. And it isn't that we don't get the message about how important it is for a church to have a really good website (Christian web designers send us that message on a regular basis). It's just that, looking at samples of their work makes me think it wouldn't be honest for us to have a website like that. We could never live up to it.

You have probably noticed this already and were too polite to mention it, so we will say it for you. This website is, let's be honest, a bit of a mess. It is functional: with very little effort you can catch up on this week's preaching, find out what's going on and where, leave a rude message for the Pastor, what more does one need? But it just looks like... a bit of a mess. Like we couldn't be bothered to make an effort, you know? (Which is most unfair: really it is. We've tried awfully hard, honestly we have. And whatever we do with it, it ends up looking like, well you know of course, you're looking at it.) And you can't help wondering, can you "What on earth does that say about the church?"

 I reckon most of it is true.

We are a bit of a mess. 

If you were looking, right now, at one of those neat, monochrome, smoothly working sites with everything organized around the single, catchy vision statement, you would get entirely the wrong idea about us. We aren't neat, we're definitely not monochrome. We Bible study and we pray in Urdu and Nepali, in Hindi and Malalayam, in Romanian and Hungarian, in Spanish and Latvian as well as in English that comes from the Caribbean and from Africa as much as from the British Isles The vision of making disciples is perfectly clear and simple but we'd be lying if we told you it was a vision shared by everyone in this church family. Some of us just belong, we haven't found out why, yet. That's not very tidy but it's in the nature of making disciples. As long as we stick to that task, I reckon we'll always be a bit of a mess. 

 So, looking at this website, at least you don't get any false expectations!